The world is packed with stunning women from across the globe. However, most men do not get a chance to meet most of these women. This is mainly because of their geographical limitations. Naturally, you would get to meet these women if you were to visit a foreign nation.

However, with international dating sites, you can not meet women from all over the world without traveling to where they are located. Romanian women are particularly very gorgeous women. They are as smart as they are attractive. Men love these women because of their exotic looks and incredible style. 

In this post, we provide you with the ultimate guide for dating women from Romania.

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What is the mindset of Romanian brides?

Among the random facts you won’t believe right about Romanian women is that they always put family first. Romanian women are raised knowing that marriage is the ultimate goal of any relationship. They have a mindset that they have to get married, have kids, and raise families. Therefore, if you were to date a Romanian woman, you need to know that they are typically oriented to series relationships. 

Their ultimate relationship goal is to raise a family with the man they fall in love with. This means that they are willing to sacrifice to raise their families, even if it means moving away from their country. Therefore, Romanian women are not inclined towards men looking to have fun and not get into serious relationships.

What are the perks of dating a Romanian woman?

There are several advantages to dating women from Romania. Below are three of the main ones:

They are loyal

If you choose to date a woman from Romania, you never have to worry about loyalty. Romanian women are some of the most loyal women in the world. They are very passionate, and when they find someone they are attracted to or fall in love with, they tend to give it 100%. Therefore, despite being gorgeous, you never have to worry about them walking out of the relationship.

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They are passionate

Romanian women have a gypsy origin. Naturally, gypsy women are hot-tempered and very lively. This is mainly because they are highly passionate. These women love to learn new things, meet new people, and they are often very positive in the face of adversaries. Therefore, dating a Romanian woman means that you can explore new things and have someone to pick you up whenever things do not go too well.

They are submissive

Romanian women are raised to believe that men are the heads of their families. Therefore, unlike western women, Romanian women have a lot of respect for men, and they are often very submissive. They allow their men to make decisions for their families, and they are also very supportive of their men. This is a beautiful feature, especially for traditional men.

What is it like to date a Romanian girl?

Dating Romanian women may be the best thing you ever do. You can go on adventures with these women and explore new things without worrying about them saying no. They are always ready to try out new experiences, and they do not back down from challenges. Dating a Romanian woman also means that you get a lot of respect. 

Romanian women are raised to respect and submit to women, especially their romantic partners or husbands. These ladies are also very friendly and positive towards people. However, sometimes you may have to deal with their fiery temper.

Dating these women also means that you can count on their loyalty. Unlike most women in the world, Romanian brides love sports.

Therefore, dating a Romanian woman would be a great adventure that you would enjoy.

TOP stereotypes about Romanian women

There are several stereotypes about women from Romania. Below are some of the main ones:

Romanian women are dangerous

This is one of the most common stereotypes about Romanian women and the country in general. You will often hear people saying that Romania is not one of the safest places to visit. However, this is not the case. 

This stereotype results from the bad reputation that the country suffered in the 1990s when women would use their femininity to commit crimes. However, this is just a stereotype, and you have nothing to worry about.

They are very religious

Romanian women are indeed raised in an orthodox way. Most Romanians are generally orthodox. This means that they go to church regularly, and the orthodox church is a significant institution in Romania. However, this is not always the case. While they believe in a higher being, they are not tied down by these beliefs.

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They are poor

Indeed, Romania is not one of the wealthiest places in the world. Did you know? Romanians make lower monthly wages that most people in the world. However, they are very hardworking people, and if they are introduced to better environments, they are likely to thrive.

What do Romanian women seek in men?

Below are some of the primary characteristics that Romanian women seek in their romantic partners:


As mentioned earlier, Romanian women are raised to be submissive. Therefore, they desire men who can take charge, make decisions for them and their would-be families, and generally protective men. 

These women are often looking for a man they can look up to, submit to, and get protection. When they find such men, they are very respectful and loyal because they are raised to be.


Romanian ladies are also inclined towards men that are passionate about life and love to explore new things. As mentioned earlier, Romanian women are very passionate themselves. 

They love to explore new things, and they have an upbeat personality. Therefore, dating a man that does not share the same mentality and character would be boring for such women.

Financial stability

Romanian women are also often looking for financially stable men. As mentioned before, Romania is not one of the wealthiest places in the world. Therefore, these women are continually looking to better their lives by looking for men outside their world. Men who can provide as they raise their families.

How to choose the reliable and legit Romanian dating site

The internet is swarmed with a wide range of Romanian dating sites. When choosing the best one, it would help if you considered the following factors:


One of the easiest ways to know if a dating site is reliable is by checking its reputation. Most of the time, what people say about a product or service is more reliable than what the manufacturers have to say. Therefore, it would be wise if you considered the client reviews for each site.


Most dating sites essentially offer the same services. However, there are few defining factors for each. Before you start using a dating site, consider the types of services the site offers. You may also want to consider the ease of use and how beneficial the benefits would be for you.

Privacy and safety policies

It would help if you felt safe with whichever site you choose to use. Therefore, it is essential that you read through the site’s terms and policies to see what safety and privacy elements it has to offer.

TOP3 Dating Services to Meet Pretty Romanian Brides

From all the dating sites available on the internet, below are the best ones for meeting Romanian women:

This is one of the first dating sites to launch in the world. It was established in 1996 and had since then attracted millions of users from across the globe.

The site prides itself on the fact that it helps men meet internationally compatible matches. This dating site features some of the best reviews and has an excellent reputation among men and women.

The site offers:

On this site, you can create an account or register for free. However, the site does not allow you to access other services without paying. For instance, you have to pay to communicate with women, get their address and acquire translation services. For each of the services mentioned above, you have to pay 9.99USD.

Why joining the site would be a good idea?

RomaniaKiss is a dating site that focuses on Romanian singles and much of Eastern Europe. It accepts Romanian women who are not necessarily in the country. Its focus on Romania increases your chances of getting a potential mate from the country.

How RomaniaKiss Works

RomaniaKiss has basic and advanced search features to help narrow down the ideal match. It offers both video and messaging services. Users are also able to like other profiles. You can get your profile to be at the top of search results to get noticed or switch to the world mode to find Romanian women all over the world.


The subscription is priced monthly as follows:

Who is For and Not For?

This website is ideal for people who are looking for casual relations with Romanian brides. I also find it good for people who are looking for long-term relationships. is not ideal for same-sex relationships. It does not have features to specifically enhance such unions. Besides, its personality check is not that robust. Therefore, you may not find good friends with this criterion.

Is RomaniaKiss Service Scam or Fake?

This site is legitimate and the services are true. You get all the features and services that it claims to have. You will meet real Romanian women and communicate with them efficiently. It is well worth the time and effort if you need to have a Romanian partner.

Sentimente is an emerging dating platform that accepts users from around the globe. You can find users from Romania on the site who are looking for love. This site is good for both same-sex and heterosexual relationships. review
How Works

Sentimente connects users to their potential Romanian mates through a matchmaking machine. It enables searching and filtering profiles based on gender, age and region. You can also have regular or private chats with your selected profiles. Its webcam chat feature allows for video calls.


There are three subscription plans that users at the dating site may choose from, as indicated below.




sentimente search
Who is For and Not For?

This site is great for people looking for long-term Romanian love. It works for both heterosexual and same-sex relationships. Sentimente is also good for getting Romanian brides out of the country. is not suitable for casual relationships. You have to build relationships over time to fall in love with Romanian users on the site.

Is Service Scam or Fake? is legitimate. It offers real services and attracts people who are actually looking for love. So, it is worth taking your time to check the profiles on the site.

Meeting a Romanian woman: What to consider?

The best place to meet Romanian women is via a dating site like the ones mentioned above. When meeting these women, you need to consider the reliability, safety, and efficiency of the site from which you meet the women. 

You also need to be careful and have your mindset on looking for a passionate and severe relationship before meeting a Romanian woman.

Most of these women are looking to get married by women from different parts of the world. You may also want to consider what the woman desires in a man. Other factors to consider include the cost of the site and how easily you can use it.

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