If you’ve considered the beauty of a Serbian woman, you are in luck as I’ve got all the information you’ll ever need to successfully date a Serbian lady. 

Serbian ladies are ideal wives for respectful Western men, so if you want a submissive and dutiful (but also sexy) wife, you’re looking in the right place. But remember, not all Serbian ladies are alike, so get to know your lady for the unique individual she is. 

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What Is the Mindset of Serbian Women?

Serbian ladies are keen for a chance at a successful marriage with a foreign man, especially if he has means and approaches her with respect and dignity. You will have to take things slow to prevent her running away if she thinks you only want a quick love tumble. 

Take time to learn about Serbian culture as the women are loyal to their culture and traditions. These ladies love their country, and they want a man who will accept them for who they are without trying to “Westernize” them. 

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Serbian women are timid by nature, and their culture also encourages a woman to be subservient to men. Despite their shy appearance, Serbian ladies are emotionally aware and expressive. They value life above all. 

While she is somewhat traditional in her thinking, Serbian women are quite well educated since the country has a high literacy rate.

What Are the Perks of Dating a Serbian Woman?

Dating a Serbian woman is like having a super lanky model on your arm with gorgeous features and a soft natured smile. However, Serbian women aren’t weak or fearful. Their country’s history is one of bloodshed and war, so the women of Serbia have learned to be courageous and pursue what they want. 

Serbian women love beautiful things, and they dress in vibrant clothes that complement them. They are tall and have an exotic appearance that’s very appealing to Western men. With their dark hair and eyes, they have a doe-like appearance.

A great plus about Serbian women is their very dignified nature. They are supportive and fearless, but they won’t run their man down or argue with him in public.

Another perk of dating a Serbian lady is that she’ll easily relocate to another country and adapt quite well to life in a foreign country. You will find a Serbian woman to be eager to move along in the relationship, as long as you don’t pressure her too much.

What Is It Like to Date a Serbian Lady?

Going on a date with a Serbian woman is likely to be an experience for you as she’ll be dressed in a sexy outfit with a girl-like innocence about her. However, if you try to move things along quickly, she will likely leave right away. 

Your Serbian date will respond well to respectful conversation and appreciation for her intelligence. Since Serbian women are all highly educated, you may not have any language barriers to cross.  

Serbian women are very respectful, so she will be soft-spoken and you don’t have to worry about public quarrels with your Serbian girlfriend. She’ll wait until you are home to discuss any issues in private. Luckily, she’ll listen to you and be supportive of your ideas and concerns. 

Dating Serbian woman

Being successful is important to Serbian ladies, and they work hard at careers, home, and family. She will want to have children, as this is important to Serbian ladies and an accomplishment. Expect that she can cook really well and that she will be neat and careful with her appearance. 

Due to the country still being quite religious, you can expect her to have high morals, so don’t try your luck for a first night kiss or score by date three. Treat her like a lady and she will surprise you with her commitment and support. 

Wanting to know you have the means to support her is important to her, so your Serbian lady will appreciate that you can spend money and pay for the dates. However, don’t try to show off and waste money. 

Top Stereotypes About Serbian Women

There are always a few stereotypes that persist in all cultures. In Serbia, women are often conditioned to avoid technology as it’s considered evil by the more traditional Serbs, but not all Serbian women fear technology. Therefore, the accuracy of these stereotypes depend on the home life of each Serbian woman as well as where she is living.

Depending on what her values are, you may find that a Serbian woman can be very accepting of technology and love to browse online and on Facebook. However, if she comes from a more traditional family, especially if her family is staunch Catholic or Islamic, she may not like having technology like phones, TVs, and internet.

Serbian women who live in cities are open minded, appreciate technology, and love adventure. The thought of settling in a foreign country is appealing to them as there are more opportunities for them abroad.  

Other typical stereotypes about Serbian women include:

They are doormats.

Not all Serbian women will allow a man to walk over them. They are respectful, but not doormats to their husbands. They are submissive to their husbands because of their religious upbringing, but they also want to be taken care of and expect their husband to provide for their needs.

They are sexy or old fashioned dressers.

Serbian women love beautiful things, but they aren’t necessarily all interested in dressing sexily. While some of the younger ladies who live in cities may dress a bit more racy when going out, they tend to dress in a feminine way most of the time. Areas of the country are more conservative than others, which may lead to a more muted color palette and traditional outfits. 

What Do Serbian Women Seek in Men?

A Serbian lady wants a man who will protect her, look after her, and treat her with respect and dignity. She wants to know that her man is respectable, able to provide for her and their future family, and will allow her to pursue a career (if she so chooses). 

How to Choose a Reliable and Legit Serbian Dating Site

Choosing an online dating site is a great way to meet the Serbian lady of your dreams, but there are also dangers such as scams, fake profiles, catfishing, and other less than desirable outcomes to online dating. 

How do you choose a reliable (aka not filled with scam artists) and legit (so not all out to steal your info) service? 

Here are a few top tips to keep you safe while you plie the international waters and look for your foreign love:

Beware profile images that are too perfect.

When a site has profile images that are just too perfect, it’s usually an indication that the ladies aren’t real or authentic. Seductive poses also indicate the site is geared to entice men to spend more money chatting with what might be chatbots instead of real ladies. 

Study profiles to see if there is missing information.

A profile with missing information indicates that the person on the other end is potentially hiding information. If the profile isn’t fully completed, the chances are big that you’re not looking at a genuine person’s profile. Would you want to chat to this “person” when they could be scamming you? 

Avoid sites that suddenly message you or women who show interest immediately.

When a site immediately has ladies messaging you as soon as you sign up, the warning flags should wave madly. There’s no way you can be contacted as soon as you sign up, unless there’s no lovely lady on the other end, but rather a machine or a scammer. 

Check online reviews of the sites.

By looking for information on a site before you sign up, you can get enough information to make an informed decision. Follow up on what other users are saying about the site, and you can also read reviews about the site you are interested in. 

Psst: You can read my reviews for an honest no-BS overview of sites and heed my warnings of sites that are blacklisted. 

Check out the fine print before you sign up.

While it’s so tempting to just click “accept,” you should read the terms and conditions of each dating site before you sign up. An especially important consideration is the site’s data privacy policy. You certainly wouldn’t want your information used outside the site or sold on to a third party! 

Our Top Serbian Dating Sites to Meet Serbian Women

If you don’t want to risk looking for your own dating site, you can choose a reputable and successful online dating community where you can meet great Serbian ladies. 


The site is part of the World Singles Network, which is a reputable network of dating sites with location as their niche market. 

SerbianLove is a dating site that targets singles from Serbia. It targets a wide area to give singles more potential partners.

How Does SerbianLove.com Work?

If you would like to use the site, you need to have a profile. You can create one for free on the website and look for potential mates.

SerbianLove.com is a good dating site considering the numerous features such as advanced search that they provide to ensure that individuals are matched with partners who are compatible with them. 


It costs the following to access the premium services at the site:

Who is SerbianLove.com For and Not For?

This site is ideal for those looking for a long-term relationship. It is also great for connecting with Albanian mates around the world. However, it is not ideal for casual lovers, as its design encourages the gradual growth of friendships.

Is SerbianLove.com Service a Scam or Fake?

SerbianLove.com is not a fake site. There are real people on the website and you have an actual chance of getting love.


SerbianDating is another dating site that targets Serbian singles. It boasts a focus on Serbia, which makes it easy to find love in the country.

How Does SerbianDating.com Work?

The dating site connects people with potential Serbian lovers. You just need to create an account on the site and use the tools available to connect with your potential lover.


The site uses a monthly subscription plan for members to access its premium services. Here are the costs.

In addition, you can buy coins to boost your profile’s visibility and purchase virtual gifts. Here are the popular denominations:

Who is SerbianDating.com For and Not For?

The dating site is ideal for people looking for Serbian love outside of Serbia. It is also great for serious relationships that may possibly lead to marriage. Unfortunately, it is ideal for people looking for casual relationships and same-sex love.

Is SerbianDating.com Service a Scam or Fake?

No, SerbianDating.com is a legitimate dating site. It has a strict verification system that ensures authentic profiles. It also has several communication tools for easy connections between potential partners.

Final Word on Dating Serbian Women

Dating is about finding a partner you are compatible with, who will love you for who you are, support you through life’s crises, and respect you throughout. 

Serbian women have most of these qualities, and if you treat these ladies with respect, love, and understanding, you will have a beautiful lady at your side for life. 

If you do decide that a Serbian lady is perhaps not for you, why not read my reviews on Russian women, Czech women, or perhaps look east and go for a Thai wife

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