Editorial Guidelines:
How We Write Our Reviews & Guides

As part of our editorial guidelines, we set high standards for ourselves and our dating guides and dating sites reviews. We want to help our readers get a comprehensive idea of the various dating providers to make a suitable decision. We delve deeply into the topics, conduct tests and evaluate the individual providers. 

In addition, we support you in your search for a partner with dating guides and tips. We believe that our site Doves-of-Love is an extensive help to find your way in the search for a foreign wife on the Internet.

The editorial goals of our online dating guide

Before we create any content to publish on Doves-of-Love.com, we create a content structure. We have thought about what you can expect from our guides and what kind of information you are looking for. Transparency plays a major role for us. We inform you comprehensively about the individual dating portals. At Doves-of-Love.com you will not receive any subjective ratings. The dating services are completely checked and compared with each other in the individual categories. In addition, the reviews of our readers are very important to us. Their questions are taken up and processed in the topics. This is how comprehensive online dating site reviews are created. 

How we create content for Doves-of-Love.com

We creat an editorial plan for the creation of our reviews, guides and tips. The quality criteria are based on the following points: 

The selection of dating providers and topics

Want to know the keys to International online dating success? We have excellent and useful tips that can help boost your dating game. 

We research which dating providers and topics are of interest to you. Your interests are our biggest orientation while creating dating guides for our site.

It is also important to us to be able to offer you as many alternatives as possible for finding a foreign wife. 

Researching the information

Our writers are constantly looking for new information. We read deeply into the topics, examine them from all sides and make notes of additional points that we would like to research for our readers. This enables us to provide you with comprehensive guides and tips. 

Topic familiarization

We deal with each topic separately. It means we test every single service individually and research the questions related to each specifiic topic.

Furthermore, we take up the questions and suggestions of our readers, collect field reports and carry out detailed tests. Based on the information collected, we then produce our comprehensive reviews from which you can benefit. 

Ongoing updates of reviews, guides and tips

Of course, we are aware that the online world is in a constant state of change and this also applies to dating platforms and current topics. Getting lots of great dates with foreign women and filtering out the romance scams is hard for Western men who venture into the world of online dating. 

Therefore, this is crucial to ensure that you are always up to date through constant updates. In this way, we want to keep the quality of our texts permanently at a high level. 

Important questions are answered in our dating guides

Dating is a long process in which many questions arise. We can well understand that this process is characterized by uncertainty, worry, but also excitement. We take up important questions and answer them in our guides so you can go into International dating well prepared, 

Among other things, we deal with questions about what dating at an older age is actually like, what should be paid special attention to when meeting foreign women online, and how you can act to be successful as quickly as possible. 

You will quickly notice that you feel safer and better when there are no more unanswered questions. Moreover, our experience as a blogger show that many people have questions regarding dating and you are not alone. 

Do you have a specific question about International dating? Feel free to contact us. We frequently take up questions from our readers and write a guide for them.
International dating blogger

Dating site rating and questions from readers

It is important to us what experiences you have had with online dating services and dating foreign brides. Therefore, we are of course particularly pleased when we receive feedback from you. We take reviews from our readers very seriously.

In addition to the objective reviews and ratings that you receive at Doves-of-Love.com, subjective opinions are also an important point when looking for a suitable dating site. After all, you want to be completely sure that you are choosing the right service when you go looking for a foreign wife. 

The questions of our readers are also an aspect that has a great importance for us. Every person deals with dating insecurities differently and every person also has different questions. Therefore, we are very happy to answer them in our guides. 

What makes our posts and dating tips special?

Our articles and dating tips are characterized by extensive and objective research. They contain important information about all topics related to International dating and intercultural relationships.  

Recommendation of dating portals

At Doves-of-Love.com, you get a comprehensive overview of International dating portals.

We are always looking for large and small services to check them in comprehensive test reports and give a rating in a summary.

This way, you can see which portals are recommendable, we discuss their weaknesses and strengths. 

Our test report criteria

For our dating site reviews, we have created various categories that we apply to each provider. This has the advantage for you that you can make a really comprehensive comparison. The criteria are as follows: 

Services and offers:

The services offered by the dating operators, such as matching procedures and live chats, are also scrutinized, as are the informational offerings in the form of dating guides and blog posts.

Prices and costs:

Prices and premium memberships in particular play an important role in the selection process. Therefore, the reviews check the prices, what subscriptions are available, and whether you can also sign up for free. 


When you sign up for a dating service, you don’t want to spend a lot of time wondering how the platform works. Good usability therefore plays a crucial role. For this reason, we look at how well the website is structured, what filter options are available and how quickly you can really get to the areas that are important to you.

Customer support:

Even on a very well-built dating site, it can happen that questions or problems arise. These can relate to the usability, the costs or even other things such as live chats, romantic tours, etc. For this you need a good customer support. We look at what support is offered.

Security and reliability:

Security and seriousness play an important role. Therefore, we checkif the brides profiles are checked and your data is safe.