Not everyone knows about the sugar dating (also called sugaring) niche, but it’s a lifestyle choice for many. If you are into sugaring and want to be a sugar baby, you need to know how to score a sugar daddy (or sugar mommy). 

For some context, a sugar baby is often the younger “romantic partner” who gets an allowance, fee per date, and/or gifts in exchange for the “love” and attention they give to their sugar mommy or sugar daddy. A sugar parent is the more successful, wealthier, and often elder of the two, and they get a sugar baby for companionship. 

Seeking Arrangements (or the rebranded is an online dating site in the sugaring niche, and here’s how to land your sugar daddy if you’re into this lifestyle (or trend).

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Step 1. Know Your Expectations

Before you sign up to to snag a sugar daddy (called a Successful Member on the sugar dating site), it’s essential to know what you expect. Identify what your ideal sugar daddy is (but be realistic) and also determine what you want from them. 

Are you in this mostly for the money so you can fund a certain lifestyle or indulge in luxuries? Are you looking for mentorship or companionship?

What qualities should your sugar daddy (or mommy) possess? Should he or she be in a specific age range, have certain hobbies and interests, or have financial status? How compatible should they be for you?

Be clear about what you expect before you look for and find a sugar daddy. It’ll ensure you enter the sugaring relationship with the right frame of mind.
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Step 2. Create an Amazing Online Dating Profile

As with all things online dating, you need a killer dating profile on Seeking Arrangements or This is your hook to land your future sugar daddy (read more: How to Write an Outstanding Dating Profile). 

Choose an eye-catching profile photo that showcases who you are and write an introduction about yourself that’s authentic so you can attract the right type of “daddy” for you. Be sure to highlight your interests, your relationship goals, and what you offer in exchange to date a sugar daddy. 

Step 3: Be Careful

Sadly, creeps are everywhere. So like with any other online dating platform, you’ve got to be careful and listen to your gut. If a potential sugar daddy seems too good to be true, they are, so run for the hills. And if anything seems off about the guy, make a run for it too. 

Rather be careful than sorry – a motto I always tell my clients to live by.

Be careful what personal information you share while chatting to someone you don’t actually know. In fact, don’t share any identifying info. I know of a client who – quite innocently – told her sugar daddy where she grew up and to which high school she went to, and he easily found her on social media and showed up outside her place of employment. 

Scary, and this really happens.

Our advice to you

And if you meet your sugar daddy in person, take basic safety precautions like letting your friends know where you are.

Step 4: Look for Your Sugar Daddy on Seeking Arrangements

When you know what you want and you’ve created an attractive online dating profile on, you can start looking for your sugar daddy. You can browse profiles or make use of the (advanced) search filters to find exactly what you are looking for. 

Before you reach out to a sugar daddy, whether he messaged you first or not, you have to do your due diligence. 

Carefully check out his profile and evaluate whether he’s right for you. And look for authenticity in the way he wrote his profile page. 

Also, has the option to verify a person. For example, Sugar babies (or Attractive Members as they are known here) can prove their good looks by getting their photo verified. Sugar daddies can send financial reports to prove they are indeed successful. 

And both types of members can send a copy of their government-issued ID to get their profiles verified. You can see who’s been verified by looking at their profile. So be safe, watch out for dating and romance scams, and chat with a sugar daddy whose profile is verified. 

While that isn’t a 100% guarantee they aren’t a creep or a con artist, it does lessen the chances that they are out to scam you.

Step 5: Evaluate Compatibility

You can definitely choose not to worry about compatibility or chemistry and only be in the sugar arrangement for the money, attention, and luxury. But … 

It is so much easier and more fun to choose a sugar daddy with whom you are compatible. One of my clients and her sugar daddy actually fell in love and got married! 

While that fairy tale isn’t always a reality for many, you never know. 

And just staying in a sugar relationship for the money can turn you bitter, make you question things, and sabotage the opportunity. Life is short, so find joy where you can. And when you’re into sugar dating, that means partnering with a sugar daddy who shares your interests, passions, and value

It’ll help to build a meaningful connection with your sugar daddy as the relationship will be more fulfilling for you both.
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Step 6: Do Your Research

Before you get involved with a sugar daddy, do your research. See what you can find out about him on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. See if he is who he says he is or presents to be.


See if you can find information about previous sugar arrangements and if there’s any red flags that scream you should find someone else.

Step 7: Communicate Clearly

While your profile is a big help in scoring yourself a sugar daddy (probably by 70%+), your communication skills will either seal the deal or end up costing you the opportunity. 

Read more: How to Start Online Dating Conversation: First Message Examples

When you start chatting to your sugar daddy, you need to keep his attention but also communicate what your expectations are. And you need to ask him about his goals and needs. A sugar relationship should be mutually beneficial for you and your sugar daddy, and that starts with being upfront about your expectations (and how far both of you are willing to go). 

Luckily, on, you need to answer questions about what you are looking for in a sugar relationship and this information is posted loud and clear on your profile. 

But don’t think your sugar daddy has your profile memorized – he may be chatting to various sugar baby prospects so chat with him about what you want out of your relationship with him.

Step 8: Negotiate the Terms

Once you have a sugar daddy who’s interested in you, make sure you negotiate the terms. This step is very much linked to step #5. 

So talk about your boundaries regarding intimacy, financial support, time commitments, and the nature of the relationship. It’ll help prevent heartbreak later. 

You also need to be upfront about the financial terms since you aren’t only in this for the love. The arrangement needs to work for you both. 

Final Sugar Thoughts

Finding your ideal sugar daddy isn’t impossible. You just need to put in the work, beware of scams, prioritize your safety, and clearly discuss your boundaries and expectations. 

But it all starts with registering on an online dating site that caters to the sugar dating niche, and (previously Seeking Arrangements) is one of these. 

So what are you waiting for? Go grab your sugar daddy. 

Here’s my honest and comprehensive review of if you want to know more.

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