Every man wants to date a beautiful girl and, if possible, marry her in future. Though a lot of dating traditions look-alike, organizing a date with an Arab girl is quite different. Their dating tradition differs from other dating cultures, especially if the girl is a Muslim, which most of them are.

Arab women are beautiful, modest and very lovely. Most of them are well-educated and still honor their partners and families. In theory, women get to choose their partners, meet them and arrange for dates. However, not all of them do this. Most of them adhere to their family traditions and religion.

To date an Arab woman, you need to know some basics about their culture and general behavior. Keep reading to learn about these gorgeous women.

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What is the mindset of Arab brides?

Though not all Arab women think the same, most of them are open-minded and eager to learn about new cultures. However, an Arab woman will have a conservative mindset, which comes from her upbringing.

They grow up in families that respect their culture and uphold religious values. Most Arab girls remain conservative with their traditions even when they are no longer living with their families.

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Arabs are embracing education and educating both boys and girls. Education plays a major role in changing their mindset about the world. An educated Arab girl will have an open mind about the world and the culture of other people. Actually, some of them will want to date people from different countries to learn and experience new traditions.

What are the perks of dating an Arab woman?

Arab women are naturally energetic. Dating an Arab woman means no boredom for you as they are always full of life. They enjoy good moments and try to make the best out of life. Her happy face will brighten your day each time you are close to her, as remaining happy seems to be a necessity in their world.

Arab girls are brought up in a conservative environment and are taught the value of family. They are always respectful to their spouses and know how to take care of their families. Besides, they are sympathetic to the less fortunate and kind. If you are lucky enough to marry her, you will always get compliments on how kind and helpful your wife is.

What is it like to date an Arab girl?

Dating an Arab woman is an incredible experience. Arab girls are extremely caring, patient, polite, attentive and interesting. Today, there are no reasons to fear multicultural interaction, especially when it comes to romance, love and dating. A dating culture different from your own helps you see the world in a different aspect, meet new people, learn their culture and widen your horizon.

An Arab girl may be more conservative depending on how she was raised. Some of them strictly follow their customs; some are very religious, while others are just open to the world.

A dating experience with an Arab girl will vary depending on how she was brought up and her personality. But the assurance is that you will have a great time with her as most of them are welcoming with a warm heart.

TOP stereotypes about Arab women

There are some stereotypes about Arab women that are not necessarily true. The most common is that an Arab woman belongs to her family and husband and is never educated. Though Arab ladies respect their parents and value their advice, this does not mean they are not open to the world.

When it comes to education, Arab women are well educated and some of them are holding high positions, all thanks to their education.

Random facts that you won’t believe are true:

Arab women outnumber Arab men in holding university degrees.

Some people believe Arab girls only get married in their country and only to Arab men. Surprisingly, Arab women join dating sites to meet foreign men. A good number of them are married to foreigners out of their own will. They are open to the world and most of them are embracing the modern dating culture.

What do Arab women seek in men?

Arab women seek care, love and respect in men. If you want to win an Arabic girl, be caring, loving, respectful and patient. These women are simple and only want to have a happy dating life. They seek the normal things and simple things that don’t require magic to offer.

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You will win her heart if you pay attention to her and show her love. Arab women value their families more so their parents. If you love her, she expects you to respect her parents and appreciate her family. These simple things will land you on her best side.

How to choose the reliable and legit Arab dating site

There are numerous dating sites today as people come up with such sites to make money. As a result, not all of them are legit with excellent dating services. Others are scams that will only want to take your money.

If you want to join a dating site, be careful to avoid falling into the traps of those who want to rip you off. Check whether the site is authorized and regulated and if you are not sure, research about it before taking a step forward.

Visit their privacy policy section and read how their policy operates. Confirm their security measures to make sure your details will be safe. Always read customer reviews and learn what people have to say about the site before joining it. Most popular sites are regulated, so look for such sites instead of new sites that are unknown.

Dating services to meet pretty Arab women

Though the Arab dating culture sounds conservative, hot Arab girls are now embracing the modern dating culture. with their impressive looks, most of them are joining online dating sites to meet foreign suitors. If you want to meet one, our advice to you is to register on a legit dating site with excellent dating services such as advice on dating an Arab girl.


Established in 2001, ArabLounge.com is one of the most popular sites to get Arab women. It is available in various languages, including English, Arabic, and French. I noticed that it has attracts a pool of Arabian women from most MENA/Gulf countries and across the globe.

How Does ArabLounge.com Work?

Like most dating sites, you have to sign up and create an account with the site for access. With the account, you are able to chat, view various photo galleries for free, and connect with your Arab matches. You could pay for a one-month platinum membership and enjoyed messaging services, sending winks, and sending interests.

Other services on the website include detailed search options, reading and sending messages, as well as getting more visible in the search results. 


ArabLounge.com has a platinum membership plan. It all depends on the duration you want to pay for.

The rates during our review were:

Who is ArabLounge.com for and not for?

The site is for people seeking deep commitments and serious relationships with Arab women. It is not for people who want casual flirting, erotic adventures or those who do not want to convert to Islam.

Is ArabLounge.com service scam or fake?

From my assessment and experience, the site is not a scam. You could have a great time connecting with the Arabian women there and do not find any complaints regarding the dating service.

Our advice to you: Be attentive and patient with the girl. She may take ages before accepting your proposal, especially since her parents have a say in this. Interesting to know, her parents are the law until she is married. To win her, get on the good side of her parents, be respectful and a little patient.
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As its name suggests, IslamicMarriage.com is exclusive to Muslim singles who want love and marriage. It claims to be the fastest-growing matrimony site for Muslims connecting singles across the globe.

How Does IslamicMarriage.com Work?

The site requires that you create a dating profile.To access premium features and chat with the Arabic women on the site, you have to pay the membership fee. You get the chance to send unlimited messages, highlight profiles, and even get priority customer support.

While on the membership plan, users get to use customizable filters to search for partners and enjoy a slideshow matchmaking feature. Even though messaging is a premium feature, members on a standard plan get to still like profile at no cost.


IslamicMarriage.com has a Platinum Power membership plan available in three dimensions. Here are the rates at the time of this review.

Who is IslamicMarriage.com for and not for?

The site is for anyone who wants to have dates, find love, and fall in love with Arabic women. I noticed it is not for non-Muslims or those looking for casual encounters and hookups.

Is IslamicMarriage.com service scam or fake?

My experience led me to include IslamicMarriage.com in the top three sites to find Arab women. It is not a scam.


Founded in 2007, SalaamLove.com claims to connect Sunni and Shia singles with the aim of marriage. For this reason, it is among the best Muslim dating sites.

How Does SalaamLove.com Work?

The site uses a matching system that helps match you to your personality traits. Upon signup, you will required to enter details such as lifestyle, what you would like in a partner, appearance, and physical details. Other exciting features you get on the site include Muslim chatrooms, browsing video profiles, and making contact.

All this comes into play with the premium membership plan. Based on the information you give, SalaamLove.com then matches you with the ideal woman. After this, you can then arrange to meet for coffee, or a first date.


SalaamLove operates on a subscription plan:

Who is SalaamLove.com for and not for?

SalaamLove.com is perfect for you who want meaningful relations and serious connections with Arab women. However, from my experience, if you are a joker looking for just a good time, the site is not ideal for you.

Is SalaamLove.com service scam or fake?

SalaamLove.com offers excellent services and a platform to meet Arab women. I found its navigation smooth and its price fair considering its services. It is not a scam.

Meeting an Arab woman: What to consider?

There are some basic things to consider when meeting an Arab woman. One of them is their tradition. 

Muslim ladies are controlled by their parents, so a date with an Arab girl means her parents must agree to it first. According to tradition, you cannot have any physical contact as this is considered a crime.

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