Apart from being incredibly beautiful, Lebanese women are among some of the most opinionated and loyal women I have come across when dating online. From my experience, I would say that dating a woman with Lebanese heritage is a no-brainer, especially for that man looking to settle down soon.

However, while you may want to date this type of woman, there’s a possibility you still don’t understand their culture, their values, and mentality. Lack of knowledge on such issues can easily impede your dating life. In this review, I am going to provide you with first-hand information to help you get started.

I will also guide you towards the top sites to register on to improve your chances of finding the girl of your dreams.

What Is the Mindset of Lebanese Brides?

Did you know that there’s more to dating Lebanese women than what you have heard or read online?  You have probably read on social media or heard from someone you know, how it is like dating a Lebanese woman. Some of the comments may have been good or bad, right or false, and others may have been downright degrading.

Libanesinnen kennenlernen

My experience interacting with these women have taught me the following with regards to their values and mentality:

What Are the Perks of Dating a Lebanese Woman?

Every man wants to date a woman who will make him a better person, someone with who he can build a future and probably start a family. For this reason, men are always looking for something more than exterior beauty. From my experience, the following are the top perks of dating women of Lebanese heritage.

They're Smart

A typical Lebanese woman is well-educated, which means she will always have an opinion of her own. You can trust that she will constantly be challenging you, as she’s independent-minded.

Lebanese Women Are Generous

Dating a Lebanese woman means you have to be prepared to do away with your male arrogance. Most of them will insist on covering their bills when on dates. Additionally, you will find that they’re quite generous with their time and affection.

What Is Like to Date a Lebanese Girl?

Apart from being some of the most beautiful women, you’ll ever meet, I would like to point out that Lebanese women aren’t passive. They’re not your standard Middle Eastern Women!

Girls coming from this part of the world make good wives and any man who has had the chance to interact with them soon come to the same conclusion.

Moreover, the girls are loyal to their men and are family-oriented. From a young age, they are taught to be the backbone of their families, which is why they will do anything to make their marriages work.

Lebanese girls love to cook, so you shouldn’t worry about ever going to bed hungry. Cooking is also a means of showing affection to the men in their lives.

When it comes to religion, many girls are open-minded, allowing you to practice your preferred faith. Unlike other countries in the Middle East, Islam isn’t the predominant religion here.

Top Stereotypes About Lebanese Women

As it is today, the world is already a tough place for ordinary girls and women. However, it’s particularly tougher for women in the Middle East and the Arab world in general.

Lebanese women, for example, not only have to overcome countless stereotypes, but they also have to deal with the challenges that come with living in a patriarchal society.

For them, every day is a constant battle, but they still keep going. Based on my encounters, some of the common stereotypes about Lebanese women include:

What Do Lebanese Women Seek in Men?

These women want to be with a man who wants them to succeed, in as much as they’re happy for your success.  It’s their desire for the men they love to take time out of their busy schedules and recognize, as well as acknowledge the roles they play in their lives.

A Lebanese woman wants a man who will see her for who she is, recognizes her strengths, and respects her for everything she brings into the relationship. As far as romantic connections are concerned, you can trust that they want the same things you want and desire. The only difference is that they want them in a different order from yours.

How to Choose the Reliable and Legit Lebanese Dating Site

The widespread use of the internet means that you can do anything you want online. While many use it to plan vacations and shop for groceries, some use it to find soulmates from different parts of the world.

While there’re tons of sites to meet potential partners, not all of them will give you access to Lebanese women. So, how do you differentiate between a legit site and a fake one?

Check the number of registered users

Almost all dating sites today provide figures on the number of registered people on their sites. Go through the numbers to check whether they correlate with what you have read online.

User reviews

Testimonials can make it easier for you to eliminate fake sites. You only need to go through the feedback left on the site and its social media platforms by its members.

Profile checks

What kind of checks do the admins conduct before approving a profile? Are the photos checked for authenticity? These are some of the questions you need to answer.

Dating Services to Meet Pretty Lebanese Women

Many would prefer to date men who share a similar lifestyle to theirs, which is why they turn to date sites in the hope of finding the ‘one.’

Below, we have selected two sites, which we believe are your gateway to finding your Lebanese woman.


InternationalCupid is a global dating platform backed by the revered Cupid Media Network and is open to singles worldwide. The website claims to make it possible for singles to find love from any place, as they have members from Africa, Russia, Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe. InternationalCupid.com has both free and paid memberships, with the latter having two plans, i.e., Gold and Platinum.

Internationalcupid review

Membership to the Gold plan starts at USD 29.98 per month, with the Platinum plan starting at USD 34.99 per month.

The fee-based services give you access to services such as:

Why Joining InternationalCupid.com?


Muslima.com is a leading Islamic dating site having a membership base of more than 4.5 million registered members. The platform is popular with young Muslim singles aged twenty-five years and above. Some divorcees looking for a second chance at finding their dream partners have also found it quite helpful. As is the case with all other Cupid Media Network sites, Muslima.com has free and paid memberships.

Muslima.com review

Paid memberships start at USD 34.99 per month for the Gold plan and USD 39.99 per month for the Platinum plan.

As a paying member, you’re entitled to services such as:

Muslima.com is the perfect site for Muslims looking for love or any singles looking to date singles from the Islamic religion. It provides detailed profile information and also has an app available for Android users.

Meeting a Lebanese Woman: What to Consider?

From my experience, there’re a lot of considerations that go into meeting your dream Lebanese woman. The first thing you need to do is, to be honest with yourself. Determine whether you want a conservative woman or a modern Lebanese woman.

While they’re both Lebanese, the two types of women are very different. Additionally, understand that while they’re loyal, they’re also independent-minded and family-oriented.

Therefore, you shouldn’t expect to meet and marry a submissive woman, as she will always want her opinions to be considered! It’s also worth noting that many are multi-lingual and can speak French, English, and Arabic fluently.

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