Cartagena toursThese days, finding a partner can be difficult. More and more people are moving toward International online dating, but that process can be lead to more frustrations than anything. A Foreign Affair (AFA) offers another solution: romance tours.

On romance tours, you will travel to a foreign city and spend your time more productively looking for your perfect match. Choose from tours in Russia, the Ukraine, Asia, or Latin America, and encounter hundreds of beautiful, exotic, single women who are trying to find Mr. Right. After all, a report from the Department of Immigration has shown that foreign marriages are almost twice as likely to be successful than domestic marriages.

How romance trips work

Marriage tour package:

socialsAFA romance tours are an incredible value! While there are many options when choosing a tour company, none have packages as comprehensive AFA. When you sign up for a romance tour, you receive a 1-month platinum membership which gives you access to thousands of profiles and the ability to choose up to 100 email addresses.

On top of that, you get a fiance visa kit, a PDF version of “Foreign Bride 101” by Bud Patterson, round trip airfare from a gateway city if you’re going to Russia or the Ukraine, 10 to 45 nights of hotel accommodations with full daily breakfasts, one-on-one personal introductions to your choice of thousands of women, access to invitation-only socials, new applicant interviews, 24-hour hospitality and guidance, access to professional interpreters, and a four-hour sightseeing tour in Russia or the Ukraine. No other company provides all of that!

Hotel accommodations

Hotel accommodations are a common concern for many people traveling to these parts of the world, where many hotels can leave a lot to be desired. AFA, however, only uses the best internationally-rated hotels. All clients are booked in private rooms in hotels that have their own water and climate control systems and have been remodeled to European standards. On top of that, there is always a full breakfast available every morning.


AFA’s private, invitation-only socials are one thing that really stands out among the competitors, due in part to having the highest radio of women to men. Since this is one of the most important parts of the tour, no expense is spared.

romantic socialThere are socials every other day for Russian and Ukrainian locations, and two socials are held during tours in all other locations. All socials are fully catered in grand ballrooms or private entertainment complexes and you are NEVER asked to buy food or drinks for the women.

You are given the option of submitting a list of some of the women from Russia, the Ukraine, Thailand, China, Peru or Columbia who you would like to be present at the socials, and, while each social will have different women and you’re encouraged to get to know as many as possible, you’ll never be forced to move on from one you’re connecting with our to talk to one you’re not interested in.

Hospitality services

While the idea of finding your dream woman may seem intimidating, AFA offers hospitality services to make things as easy for you as possible. Each city in which AFA operates has a full time (9 am to 8 pm) office, usually within the hotel, for your convenience. Each office has profile books of the women in that area and are ready to set up as many dates as your interested in having; all you have to do is choose the women and provide them with a schedule, and AFA staff will set everything up for you. AFA also offers translation services, message-taking, and usually internet access. Plus, if you need help making reservations, getting tickets, or anything else for your dates, AFA is there to help.

What about communication with foreign brides?

Finally, there’s always the question of the language barrier. Many of the women actually speak English! Even so, AFA has highly qualified, professional interpreters available. On the first night, you will meet all of the interpreters at the Interpreter Meeting where you will be able to pick one (or multiple) to be your personal interpreter during the socials and in the hospitality room. Plus, many of the interpreters are also certified tour guides!

Check three Romance tour videos to get an idea of this way of finding a foreign wife for life: