It would be wonderful if we could all just speak our minds and tell someone how we feel about them, but that rarely happens. 

So if you want to know whether you are special to him, you may need to start looking for signs to read your SO’s “message” and intentions. 

Luckily, I’ve got the most important signs that he thinks you’re special right here.

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What Does It Mean to Be Special to Someone?

To be special to someone means they can’t do without you, they are totally in love with who you are, you matter to them, and they want you to thrive and be happy. You are no longer just another person – you’ve become their person.

15 Signs You Are Special to Him

So, time to pay attention and spot these signs that he really feels you are special, unique, and his person.

1. Little Things Show He Cares

When you are in a relationship or even a friendship with someone, you both care about each other. However, if you are special to him, he really cares about you, and you will notice more and more that he cares. 

From the way he makes you a cup of tea when you are tired to asking how your day was, he will be more dedicated and interested in your life than other people you spend time with. 

My husband showed his caring in little ways when we were just starting to date (and even before we were a couple) by paying attention to my needs. He cared about what I needed. 

2. You Make Him Smile

While it’s more obvious that he’ll care about you when he sees you as someone special, a less obvious sign that you are special to him is when you manage to light up his face with small things. 

If you are unsure whether you are special to him, try a simple test. Turn to him, smile brightly, and watch his reaction. If he smiles back with an intensity that tells you he’s smiling from the heart, you know you have touched him like only his special person can.

3. His Body Mirrors Yours

When you are interested in someone, your body language begins to match theirs. But when you are special to him, his body language will not only mirror yours, but he won’t be able to keep the usual “social” distance between you. 

Far from having him turn into a tick that just clings to you, he will simply fit next to you at all times. 

Look for him gently holding your hand, turning his shoulders toward you when you speak, leaning closer when you look at him, and even a head tilt to show he prefers your company to those around you.

4. He Really Pays Attention to You

If he’s really interested in you, he will pay attention to what you say and what you tell him. You may be surprised that he remembers you love a cup of tea filled to the brim or how you don’t like facing a bright window when you sit (and he’ll instinctively give you the seat that faces away from windows at restaurants). 

In little ways, he shows just how much attention he’s paid to all you said, and he may remember everything you ever told him, like the name of your childhood dog, your favorite subject at school, or your most enjoyable memories.
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5. Asking Questions Is How He Bonds with You

When you are just getting to know each other, he may ask more questions than other guys ever have. It’s like he really wants to know everything about you, and you feel super comfortable telling him personal stuff since he really seeks to bond with you. 

Even if you don’t have much shared interests, he is curious about what you like, and he’ll really make an effort to create common ground.

6. He Keeps in Touch when You’re Apart

While it’s normal to want time alone, he will message and let you know he’s thinking of you when you are apart – and it won’t feel like he’s only being “nice.” You’ll be aware that he is actually thinking of you when you’re not around.

7. He Invites Your Opinion

If your man asks questions to have discussions with you, it indicates that he wants to hear what you think. He values your opinion and he really cares about what you have to say. Even if he’s shy and doesn’t necessarily ask your opinion, he may leave a space for you in the conversation where he wants your participation. 

You may find that he looks to you when he wants to know your mind, signaling that he’s ready and actually interested in hearing what you have to say. He chooses topics to discuss with you.

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My own hubby did just that when we were dating. He’s the quiet type, for the most part, and I noticed right away that he would turn his eyes to me when he wanted to know what I thought about something. He never did that with others, and that’s what made me aware that he saw me as special.

8. He’s Unsettled When You’re With Someone Else

Some men just want to have another dog’s bone, but they rarely seem truly unsettled when they see the other dog chewing on the bone. He thinks you are special and really wants to be with you when he looks at you while you are seeing someone else (and he looks miserable).

My husband had a sad way of looking at me with my boyfriend before I broke up with my now-ex and began dating him. He seemed genuinely upset that I was with a guy who wasn’t making me happy. 

9. You Feel Special Because of Him

A big sign that he regards you as special is that he goes out of his way to make you feel special. You will begin to notice little things that he does that indicate you are his cherished one. 

For me, it was the way my partner would place his hand in the small of my back when we walked into a room. He would always make sure I was okay and happy before tending to his own needs. 

10. You’re His Choice in Companion

Whenever he has to attend a public event or social gathering, he always asks you to be his +1. It’s like he doesn’t even consider going if you’re not going with him. In his mind, you are already twined together, whether you are lovers or not (yet). 

He only wants to go out when you are going with him, and while he has his regular friends, you realize that he wants you with him because he feels deeper for you.

11. You Make Him Nervous (at First)

If he’s a normally confident guy, you may notice that he seems to get foot-in-mouth syndrome around you. He may fidget, seem shy, and look like he’s going to jump out of his skin when he talks to you. 

This out of character jitters is a sign that he’s aware of how precious you are, and he doesn’t quite believe he is near you or that you’d be interested in him. You can think of it like having butterflies in the stomach before a big performance, only his “performance” is for an audience of one – YOU. 

Once he realizes that you actually like him, that you are into him, he may suddenly gain leaps of confidence (if he was a previously shy guy), and he’ll shine because you give him light.

12. You Turn into a Giggle Ball

Now, not all women are giggle monsters, but when you are around him, he makes you smile, laugh, and giggle – without even being all that funny. When you are around him, you instantly feel in a good mood, and you can’t help smiling and giggling softly. 

No, you haven’t lost your mind. Instead, because he treats you so well and makes you feel so special, your brain gets flushed with oxytocin, the love hormone, (and also dopamine and endorphins) and you feel giddy.

If he doesn’t see you as special, he’d have become annoyed by your giggliness, but he’s very into you, so he is even more attracted by your joy.
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13. Actions Match Deeds

So many people struggle to keep their word in today’s age, but he keeps his word with you … always. No matter what he’d have to do to make it happen, if he said he’d do something for you, he does it. 

He’d crawl through broken glass to fetch you a pizza if he said he’d do it, and he’d face down a tiger to get you a rose. You bring out the hero in him, because he wants to be your hero. 

14. He Mirrors You

He really thinks you’re special and totally cool (is that still a word?), and because of that, he starts to mirror you. If you pay attention, you will notice he uses the same kind of phrases you do, he tilts his head like you do, and he may start tapping his nose like you do.

He does this because you are becoming his inspiration, his world, and his focus.

15. Your Dreams Matter to Him

The ultimate sign that he thinks of you as special is that your dreams begin to matter to him. He wants you to have the things you dreamed of, to be loved as much as you hoped and fantasized about, and to feel like you’re floating on a cloud because of him.

Final Views on Being Special to Him

Being special to someone fills you with complete love and the magical feeling of belonging to someone you also see as special. He has already committed to you, and he now starts seeing only you in every action, decision, and promise he makes. 

Have you spotted some signs that he thinks you are special? Do you take the initiative to make him feel special to you? 

Learn more in my guide about the signs you are in the right relationship.

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