Relationships are complicated, and while it would be a lot easier to know how someone feels about you, it’s not like they come with an instruction manual or a notice board stapled to their forehead. So you have to start paying attention and notice when your man has strong feelings for you. 

I almost missed Daniel’s feelings for me as I was still in another relationship, and only once that relationship ended, did I realize the man I was meant to be with was waiting on the sidelines. 

So knowing the signs he has strong feelings for you is vital to help you foster positive relationships and not lose out on the love of your life. 

But just what are the signs that he has strong feelings and is really into you? It can be difficult to know, especially if your guy is quiet or somewhat shy. Luckily, I have a few signs to help you see the truth of your relationship and how he feels about you.  

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Why He Might Not Tell You How He Feels

If you’re wondering why he can’t just come out and tell you how he feels, you’d be surprised that the reasons may be more complicated than just being shy. He may not tell you about his feelings toward you because:

Now that you know why he won’t just come out and say it, here are some hidden signs that can reveal just how you’ve triggered his feelings for you.

13 Hidden Signs He Feels Strongly About You

Hidden signs can be challenging to spot, so you’ll have to be self-aware, consciously watching for signs, and capable of placing each sign in context. After all, you don’t want to make a fool of yourself by misreading signs that he feels strongly for you. 

1. You Catch His Eye

When you look at him, he’ll suddenly look away, and you are aware of his gaze following you. It seems that no matter where you go, he is following you and watching you. Unlike the stalker’s gaze, he feels strongly for you and wants to see you as seeing you makes him happy. 

Having him watch you is also a variation of him watching over you, protecting you, and looking out for you.

2. He Lets Down His Guard Around You

Since he feels safe around you, he may drop his guard, and you’ll get to see him vulnerable and without pretenses. If he feels for you, he will begin discussing his inner thoughts and his past traumas. This is a sign he trusts you.

3. You Make Him Laugh

When we don’t feel great about someone, we will avoid them or not seek them out, but it’s different when he is constantly finding excuses to be around you. No matter what you’re doing, he wants to participate and be there because he wants to be close to you. 

He is drawn to you, which indicates he has deep feelings for you.

5. He’s Exclusively Yours

In a world of unique relationship forms, we’ve become somewhat accustomed to sharing our partners with others (whether it’s friends, lovers, or more), but when he is yours and yours alone, you know that his heart beats for you alone.

If you’ve been dating, he may stop flirting with other singles, and he may spend less time engaging in social flirting (and hanging with his bros) so he can look at you and be there for you.
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6. Communication Becomes Focused on You

When your man has strong feelings for you, he’ll tell his friends about you because you make him proud. He acknowledges you in public, and he will defend your honor with his. If he didn’t feel that strongly about you, he’d be more blase about your relationship.

7. He Shares His Pride

When your man has strong feelings for you, he’ll tell his friends about you because you make him proud. He acknowledges you in public, and he will defend your honor with his. If he didn’t feel that strongly about you, he’d be more blase about your relationship.

8. You’re Part of His Future, So He Shares His Past

Men aren’t always eager to discuss their childhood, but if he opens up and talks about his past (especially the traumatic events that shaped him), you know he trusts you and has deep feelings toward you. 

Since you make him feel safe enough to share, he opens his heart to you, and there can be no deeper confession of his feelings for you than this.

9. You Don’t Just Do Small Talk

If you only talk about the weather or the latest politics with him, he only sees you as a transient part of his life (and like fashion trends, you can become outdated). However, when he really dives into deep conversation topics and you end up talking for hours, he values your insights, really cares about your opinion, and he wants to be a part of your mind too.

10. He Becomes Your Protector

Your man will instinctively protect you from physical harm, but when he is there to protect you from everything in life, whether it’s a friendship ending, your car having a flat tire, or the headache you have after a long meeting, he feels more deeply about you. 

A man who really cherishes you will try his best to be there for you in whichever way you need him to be.
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11. He Sees You and Remembers

Life is busy, and we often don’t pick up on little details about random people in our lives, but those we love and really feel intensely about are always at the forefront of our minds. When your man remembers what you wore, what you like to eat, and little details about your life, he really sees you (all of you), and he feels for you.

12. He Involves You

It’s normal for couples to plan their future together (whether that’s their plans for tomorrow or for 10 years from now). If he really includes you in the discussion and plans that future with you and for you, it’s a clear sign that he dotes on you. 

13. He Seeks Conflict Resolution

Quarreling among couples is fairly normal, but when his heart is filled with you, he will try his best to avoid conflict and resolve any discontent in the relationship. He does this because he really cares about you and wants the best for you, even if that means putting himself last for you. In his mind, it’s a case of “you come first.”

Hidden Signs You Feel Strongly About Him

Now you know what some of the hidden signs are that he feels strongly about you, it may come as a surprise that another big sign is when you feel strongly about him. I’m not talking about infatuation here.

Oh, sure, if you like him, you may believe you feel deeply for him when you are both passionate and chemistry matches. However, it’s about more than that. 

If you feel like you can’t start a day without seeing him, that you can’t do without his voice or discussions about the world and everything else, then you feel about him like he feels about you. 

Some other signs that you feel deeply about him include:

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Final Feelings

Knowing someone likes you is an incredible feeling, but actually seeing signs that they more than like you, that they have deep and lasting feelings for you, is an indescribable joy. 

When I first realized how Daniel felt about me, I was over the moon. None of my previous relationships could compare to the slow burning fire, the warmth, and the almost addictive companionship that comes with being with the man who loves you.

Being observant so you can spot these signs will help you decide whether the guy you are seeing is the one for you, who will walk beside you, sheltering, loving, and cherishing you forever. 

If you’re still not sure, read my unmistakable signs you’re in the right relationship guide.

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