Tinder is the world most visited dating site, with over 75 million active users. With such data, you can find people from all walks of life looking for love, friendship and socialise.

I will show you how to find transgender friends on this platform and increase your chance of getting a perfect match.

Can You Find Transgender on Tinder?

There are many transgender on Tinder, and what makes it easier for them to come out is the power of choice. People using Tinder list their likes and target people, and if you subscribe to it, you can match and start a conversation.

The tiebreaker is what you say about yourself and the kind of people you are looking for. If two mutually understanding people “swipe right”, they have something in common. With this at the back of every Tinder user, finding transgender on the app is easier.

how to find tinder transgender

However, it is not as easy as getting heterosexual people, but it is better than physically looking. As long as you list that you are transgender, attracting people of the same gender orientation becomes simpler.

If you want to increase traffic around your Tinder profile, consider upgrading it to premium. It not only directs people of the same gender orientation to your profile but also gives you suggestions to increase your conversion rate.

What is it like to use Tinder as a Transgender person?

It is a fulfilling experience, where no one can judge you for your choices. The following are the things that make transgender people feel comfortable on Tinder:

In essence, matching and finding a transgender companion is like heterosexual engagement. However, they are fewer in number since not many people subscribe to it. On the brighter side, the conversion rate for transgender is relatively higher since it brings them together before anything else.

How do I match with Transgenders on Tinder?

First, you should have an account on Tinder. Registration is easy and takes at most 5 minutes. You can sign up using your email address and phone number. These two are used both as backup and account verification.

Once verification is done, select your personality by filling in what you like doing. Include your age, activate your location and indicate you are transgender and looking for people of the same orientation.

tinder trangender

The beauty of Tinder is that both of you should like each other before you get to talk. The same way the other person can “Swipe right” first, you can also do the same. After matching, you can do the usual pleasantries before going deep. Familiarise with each other first before going exclusive.

To avoid any unwanted outcome, make your intentions clear from the onset. Both of you must know the ultimate goal of the engagement to prevent unnecessary expectations.

If you are looking for a foreign transgender wife, consider it a priority when you start talking. It eases up the burden of conformity and makes it easy to relate since you are both in agreement.

What To Consider

The following are my advice for transgender persons looking for companionship on Tinder:

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