Tinder is one of the dating apps that you can use to connect with people worldwide; however, finding the best icebreaker that will help you make a new connection on dating apps has always been a challenge.

As you may have noticed, starting your conversations with a “hey there” will make you end up with a pile of unseen and unread messages.

This post discusses ten tips you can use to start a conversation on Tinder.

10 tips to start a conversation on Tinder

1. Don’t just start a conversation with “Hi.”

Starting a conversation with a “hi” or “hey there” is one of the laziest and obvious ways for a woman to get disinterested in replying to your messages.

Using this approach is completely impersonal, and it is one way of starting your conversation on the wrong foot since in most cases the message will turn out boring. If you are seriously looking for a woman online, you need to find a better icebreaker.

2. Use compliments as a strategy.

Most men dwell on the traditional charms such as “Hey cutie” “Hey there’ you are hot,” however, these are not synonymous with the modern woman since they are looking for a more realistic compliment.

In most cases, the woman will not reply to such messages. If a guy does not have a profile that will make me excited to meet him, he needs to be charming with compliments.

If a guy focuses on physical appearance, be sure that will be a turn-off for me. On Tinder, you have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world; this means that all the users have the same opportunity, and a good starter message will be a good chance for you to stand out.

3. Make use of GIF

I will recommend you use GIF when looking to engage a woman on Tinder since it makes the conversation feel relaxed and attractive.

tinder first message

According to research, sending a GIF on a Tinder conversation means you will likely get a reply, and your conversation will last longer.

However, you need to figure out which GIF will be funny and resonate with your partner or the person you intend to connect with. You need to support your GIF by saying something about it.

4. Find your areas of commonalities.

A woman will feel the attention if you can find something you have in common with her. For instance, you can say, “Hello Mary, I can see you visited France last holiday, I love the place, particularly the dishes.

This is one of the best ways to start the conversation since you have pointed off something you have in common. Indeed, you have given her a topic to talk about as you get to know each other.

5. Use Question and Compliment

Unluckily, your Tinder match does not have enough information on her profile. This allows you to ask questions about her interest, location, and general life. However, you need to be cautious since most women do not initially like to receive too many compliments.

Instead of praising their looks, clothes, and smiles, they are looking for other appreciations in the different aspects of their lives, such as personal and professional accomplishments.

Unless you identify some matching profile features, avoid starting a conversation with flirty remarks and questions.

6. Be straight to the point.

From my experience, the best way to engage a woman online on Tinder is to keep the conversation simple and to the point.

Women will not be attracted to the cheesy GIFs or the weird chat-up; the best way to get her attention is to get straight into a nice flowing conversation.

The worst Tinder line is the one that will be recycled a million times for every catch you get. After establishing the catch, it is time to make the conversation interesting; you can reference something in their profile or bio; this shows that you are paying attention.

7. Make the first move, and don’t keep her waiting.

If you need your relationship to materialize faster and smoothly, don’t be that person who will wait for her to text you first. There are higher chances that they are doing the same thing, and chances are they won’t bother texting you.

Therefore, you should be that confident person who will not wait for her to text you first but check on her often.

Along the way, you can make the conversation memorable by telling her something exciting or sharing something that you may have in common.

8. Mention her name in your first message

Starting your conversation with “What’s up Mary” will help you to look more friendly. It will give a decent impression; she will know you have seen her name. This is one of the best ways to start a conversation since it gives you the upper hand to have deeper conversation with her.

9. Say something entertaining when starting the conversation.

Starting with a dull message on Tinder will give you an early lag. The best way to get the attention of a woman online is by starting the conversation with something bizarre.

For instance, you can mention something lively and genuine or a fact about her dress and professionalism. Inspiring her with the total exhibit will make her feel that you are keen on her.

10. Keep your Opening message short.

One mistake that people make is to invest a lot of energy and time in their first message. As such, you will end up over texting or exposing your vulnerable urge.

At the same time, the person you could be reaching out to could be getting lots of texts. I will recommend you keep your message short and sweet since replying to a big paragraph will put her off.

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