Are you having a low number of new tinder matches? Are you not getting the excitement for this app you had when you first joined this dating site? Even when you get the matches, most of the conversations don’t see the light of another day?

Tinder has introduced a solution for all your predicaments.

In this article, I will tell you everything you should know about Tinder swipe surge.

What Does Swipe Surge on Tinder Mean?

Tinder has launched a new feature that will help you get more matches when you are searching for your ideal match on this dating site. The feature is called swipe surge. A swipe surge on Tinder is an activity on the dating app that is 15 times more than usual, and your potential to find a match increases by 250%

This means that you will spark up a conversation with your matches 33 per cent faster than usual. Whenever a swipe occurs, the platform will alert you to let you know that you need to get online and swipe for increased chances of matching.

tinder swipe surge

Once you open the tinder app and come across a swipe surge, I advise you to begin swiping immediately. This will assist you in getting many matches as many women will appear in your profile (because of the higher volume of app handlers). Note that more users online swiping implies a high chance for a match on the app.

This feature is a form of germination, the same as surge pricing. Once you get a push notification alerting you a swipe surge is underway, it may feel like a rare to meet your perfect match.

So, this means you should stop whatever you are doing and open your app. Most likely, it will tell users the odds of meeting a match have tipped in their favor.

Tinder points out that swipe surges are triggered by many variables such as whenever an activity in a region is twice the normal averages.

How Long is The Tinder Swipe Surge?

A swipe surge in Tinder can last from a few minutes to hours. The swipe surge relies on the people that are on the dating site. If the site has many active users, the swipe surge will proceed.

Immediately the users start to exit the site as they wind down, then the swipe surge will switch off. That means the platform will go back to normal, and your profile won’t be surging anymore.

I recommend taking advantage of Tinder's swipe surge immediately after you get the notification. This is because it won't last long if people log out from the site.
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Additionally, if you haven’t switched the push notification on, I urge you to turn them on such that you can be alerted whenever a swipe surge is occurring. Here is how you can enable tinder swipe surge: Once you sign up for an account with Tinder, they will enroll you into the swipe surge.

That means whenever a surge is occurring; your profile will automatically appear to other people.

If you choose not to be part of the swipe surge, which means your profile won’t be shown in the stack when it is swiping.

Hence, your profile won’t take advantage of being shown 15 times more than other users. I recommend you avoid turning this off unless you intend to keep the profile hidden.

Does Swipe Night Increase Matches?

Swipe night is another easy way of getting more matches. The concept is that after watching the show, you will get something to chat about your new matches while composing the decisions you made and the things you watched throughout the week’s episode.

Most of the choices made when watching the swipe night show will reflect on your profile after the episode goes live.

Therefore, your potential matches will get an instant sense of if you are the type they need.

Unless you are the kind of monster who does not want to save the puppy, swipe night should assist you to increase your matches. However, you need to know how to join the show. The journey begins internationally on 7th November.

The swipe night experience will be conducted live in your tinder app. The platform will send you a push notification to invite you and join the adventure.

Every episode has five minutes to adventure. After every swipe night episode, all your critical choices from the story will reflect in your profile. They will show the decisions you made and or those you did not make to your prospective matches.

To achieve this, you should make your display photo a right swipe magnet. Whenever users respond to swipe surge notification, they are primed to conduct hardcore swiping. This means your display photo must command attention since you already have more competition.

Final thought

I highly recommend checking into your Tinder periodically or switching on the push notification. This will ensure you are notified whenever there is a tinder swipe surge.

As I have highlighted above, this will improve your chances of getting many matches since there is more opportunity.

So, make sure you log in your tinder account frequently to take advantage of the swipe surge whenever it happens

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