Tinder can be a tough place, especially for men. If you have done everything right on your profile or bio but are still not landing any matches, it may be time for some changes. You will find all the reasons why you aren’t getting matches and how to fix them in this text.

Why Do I Get Almost No Matches On Tinder?

Here are three reasons why you do not get almost no matches on the Tinder app:

Your Profile May Be Unattractive

Your profile includes your job title, bio, photos, and so much more. That is what people use to judge you before they swipe right or left. It may be the reason why you are getting zero matches.

The answer may be on your profile, skim through all the details and see if you can get a hint of what is wrong. You may be displaying the wrong photos. Avoid pictures with lousy quality or photographs that need a lot of investigation to find out who you are from the bunch.

You Are Missing A Bio Or It Is Terrible

A terrible bio will make you get zero matches. Not having one can cost you many possible matches.

Create a bio to make your profile complete and ensure it’s personal and exciting. Without a bio, fewer people will be shown to you, and that will limit your choices. You may be very attractive, but you are not expressing yourself rightfully in your bio.

Your Swiping Is Worrisome

You are probably swiping right on every profile you come across. Tinder’s algorithms will lower your score. This will severely make you invisible to a point where you are not getting any matches.

swiping tinder

Whether you are old or new on Tinder, swiping right on every profile is a big no. Be more selective and start reading the bios and going through the profiles before you swipe. Raising your standards will help you limit your swiping.

Why To Upgrade To Tinder Gold & Tinder Premium

Spend some money and upgrade your free Tinder account to a premium account. Tinder limits your organic matches until you purchase a higher account. I would advise you to ditch the free account. You will have a better experience.

Tinder premium gives you unlimited likes, up to five super likes every week, one boost each month, and you can easily change your location to anywhere in the world. You will get the ability to rewind a swipe.

That would be very useful if you meant to swipe left but accidentally swiped right. You will be able to control your visibility by limiting the details that are displayed on your profile.
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Tinder gold provides everything on premium with some additional features. You can see who likes you; this helps you swipe in the right direction. You will get top picks every day. Having a gold account fastens your chances of matching with the right lady.

Boost and Superlike

According to Tinder, boosts will increase your exposure ten times from what it is currently. Your profile will be on top of other people’s queues for up to thirty minutes.

The boost is a beneficial feature, especially if you are in a highly populated place. You can keep purchasing a boost as long as your pocket allows.

tinder boost

You can use the superlike to express more than a simple right swipe. If you have not been getting many matches, a superlike might be the secret.

Your profile will appear on your potential match’s cardstock with a start showing that you super liked them. If they like your profile, you have a match! You can purchase the super likes in packages depending on your budget.

No New Matches On the Tinder App – Fix It With Our Hacks

Here are top secret hacks every single person should know when getting no matches on Tinder:

Expand your age range

Expanding the age range will open doors to new possibilities and increase your matches. However, you should think about your comfort range before you edit your profile. If there are ages you are not comfortable dating, you should avoid them.

If you are 26, you may be comfortable dating someone seven years older or younger. A 14-year range will provide you with a lot of matches.

Change Your Profile

Take your time and change your whole profile. It doesn’t mean you should lie on your profile; you can be honest without being boring.

Use better photos, make your bio spark some curiosity, add some humour or mystery to keep the ladies coming. Doing the bare minimum does not cut it on Tinder.

Your profile has to be the best. Attempt to make your profile less bland and cliché; a single statement or photo can change everything. Don’t go overboard with the quirkiness or try too hard to be funny on your bio.

Be More Active

If you are swiping less and less every day, you don’t reply to messages, or you don’t send any messages, Tinder may deem your account inactive.

That may be the reason why you are barely getting noticed on the app. Be active on the app and see if your number of matches recover. You will start showing up more in people’s feeds.

Final Thoughts

Tinder is not easy, but when you do everything on your profile right, the matches will never stop coming. Try being mindful of the photos and the words you put out there about you. Remember, people are judging you based on what you present.

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