Looking for an exotic beauty from Europe to grace your arm? Why not look at the beautiful women of Iceland? 

Icelandic women are goddesses in the Viking tradition, and with a strong, independent, and intelligent partner who is both beautiful and wise, you will feel like Thor reborn. 

Ready to travel to the beautiful island country of Iceland? Here’s all you need to know in charming your own Valkyrie. 

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What Are Typical Icelandic Features?

Women from Iceland are typically blonde with stunningly flawless skin due to their great lifestyle choices. They may have green or blue eyes, and they are taller than most of their European counterparts. The average height for Icelandic women is 5.7 feet and more. 

icelandic women beauty

Icelandic women have prominent noses, plump features, and a strong jawline. Prepare yourself for a larger size woman with great curves and a naturally athletic body. Genetically, Icelandic women have developed to work, fight, and live with their men, and they are renowned for their strength. 

Notably, they tend towards fuller lips, which feature prominently on their slightly heart-shaped faces, which makes for an utterly kissable partner. 

What Are Icelandic Women Like?

Icelandic women are hardworking. When you are dating an Icelandic woman, you need to show yourself as being industrious and dedicated to your career too. She is going to be your Northern queen, so ensure you treat her like one by being respectful. Since Iceland’s women are used to being treated independently, you should keep in mind that she won’t be subservient. 

You can expect that she will treat you with respect, and she will expect the same in return. Icelandic women are known for their strong and courageous natures, and if you mistreat her, she will speak out. 

These ladies are sophisticated and may seem a little intimidating. You are going to be dating a woman with a very proud heritage that has inspired nations. It’s a game changer to date an Icelandic woman as she will encourage you to reach personal success you’d never dreamed of. 

She’ll be a professional as most Icelandic women are professionally employed. While she’s a great homemaker, and she will want to have children, she also multi-tasks and can juggle home and family. You will have to keep up in this regard. 

What Makes Women from Iceland Attractive?

The women from Iceland are beautiful inside and out. They are strong, enjoy participating in sports, and being well-educated, they are great conversationalists too. 

The Miss World Beauty Competition has been won in four different years by Icelandic contenders. Few countries can claim this exceptional achievement, which means Icelandic women are undoubtedly beautiful. 

Since the women from this cold country are sophisticated and intelligent, they are almost all engaged in professional careers outside of the home. Being financially more stable and independent than other women from Europe, the Icelandic ladies can afford to invest in great wardrobes with form-fitting outfits that will have you wondering if you have died and gone to Valhalla.

With their ample bosoms, great curves, lean and shapely legs, powerful shoulders, and elegant arms, Icelandic women are physical charmers of note.    

Why Are Icelandic Women Beautiful?

Icelandic women are physically beautiful with their long legs, curvy figures, and regal gaze will thrill any man’s heart. Offering beauty and brains, you can expect a partner who will speak her mind, yet always respect you. 

Despite the cold weather, Icelandic women are hot. They have developed an appealing sultry look that they use with devastating accuracy, and you will be smitten before you know it. 

iceland women beautiful

Icelandic women have a heritage of taking great care of themselves. They cultivate flawless skin and they have a lush head of golden locks that complete their goddess-like image. 

The ladies of Iceland also dress in a sophisticated manner, flaunting their natural curves and beauty. Having enjoyed several decades of equality and living in one of the most egalitarian societies in the world, the Icelandic women have a rare confidence that is most appealing.

What Is Dating Like in Iceland? The Challenges of a Limited Dating Pool

Dating in Iceland is an enlightened experience. Since the Icelandic women are very liberated and free-thinking, you can expect that the lady may make the first move. There is less pressure to get hitched, and the ladies usually only marry after 29. 

That being said, one of the biggest challenges is that there are fewer men in Iceland than women, and most of these are from related families. This works in your favor, as you represent a fresh gene pool for her to dip her toes into. Because of the lack of genetically suitable men in Iceland (because not everyone wants to do a #gameofthrones-style tumble), your chances are pretty good as a foreigner to marry an Icelandic woman. 

iceland dating

Other than the genetic challenges, dating in Iceland is a lively experience with many single bars and clubs in the capital city of Reykjavík, and you can also pop in at tourist attractions to check out the local ladies and mingle. Perhaps your Icelandic queen will surface out of the tranquil waters of the Blue Lagoon. 

Most Icelandic women date foreigners via online dating platforms, so this is also a great way to find your Valkyrian queen. You can expect her to be a great conversationalist, and she’ll provide you loads of flirty entertainment while you fall deeper into love with her charm and wit. 

Which Apps Are Popular for Dating Icelandic Women?

Since genetic issues seem to complicate local dating, most Icelandic women date online and several dating apps are popular with the beautiful ladies. 

While there are several dating apps that are specifically for Icelandic people, you may struggle to access these if you don’t speak or read the language. Luckily, the usual apps are also popular, with Tinder, Bumble, and Match being actively used by many Icelandic ladies looking for foreign love. 

The casual nature of Tinder is ideal for the local dating culture. Because Icelandic people aren’t very open to socializing in public, they prefer the casual “swipe” culture of Tinder. Likewise, you can expect that your Icelandic lady may be very open about sex and sexual health. 

Icelandic ladies may not see sex as being a result of dating alone, and many Icelanders are quite open about casual sex. However, despite her being open about sex, don’t mistake this for slutty behavior. She won’t appreciate it if you come on strong when chatting online, and she’s likely to kick you to the curb if you can’t keep your head out of the bedroom while you get to know her. 

You can also read more on the top five international dating sites to help you find your icy hot lady. 

How to Be Successful When Dating an Icelandic Woman Online

While there are the obvious pointers for dating online to keep you safe such as not falling for someone who seems to good to be true (#scammeralert) or give out personal information until you know the lady is legit, you may want to add these tips to your online portfolio. 


Icelandic women know what they want, so if you’re not going to return their messages or chat at the same level of intensity as they do, then you’ll be out of luck. 


You can expect that your Icelandic woman will be very open and quite forgiving, but she won’t forgive or tolerate falseness or lying behavior. Be honest with her, and she’ll walk the mile with you. 

Be Positive

Icelandic people have enough depression in their winters when they often don’t see much sunlight, so be positive and be the sun in her skies. 

Be Chivalrous to a Point

Being confident and well mannered will get you noticed, but if you’re going to try and wrap her in glass she’s going to boot you. 

Be Culturally Sensitive

Icelandic women enjoy art and poetry. They are emancipated, and they don’t take kindly to blaze talk that discriminates against LGBTQIA+ rights. Be sensitive or go home. 

Final Thoughts

Icelandic women are beautiful, mysterious, and intelligent. Their elegant features, sophisticated style, and open mindset will endear them to any man looking for a regal wife. 

So pack your winter wear and hop on a plane today or sign up to an Icelandic-friendly dating app and let the ships of love set sail. 

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