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Know that the Columbian single tour is planned…

columbian women tripA romance tour to Cartagena awaits single men from the USA, Canada, Australia and Western Europe. Imagine all at once, meeting hundreds of beautiful, sexy women who are very interested in a long term relationship. These women are in a country only 2 hours away, by plane, from Florida. This particular tour in Columbia is available, and these wonderful women await their dream to marry a man. The foreign marriages have twice the success that domestic marriages have, so men can relax and choose what they really want in a woman.

In addition, the Columbia women are known for their remarkable beauty, friendliness, charm, innocence and sincerity. Each one is chosen according to the high standards set forth. One can be introduced one-on-one to whomever he wants to meet, and all women have a file in the office that men can see.

So, there are many choices of who to spend the rest of one’s life with. There are also two socials where one will meet hundreds of women.The real purpose of the romance tour is to meet as many women as possible, obviously. One can find stimulating ideas for romance during his stay in Cartagena. Nightclubs are popular and there is what’s called Chiva Busses. These are party busses that stop at the nightclubs for dancing and other fun.

Why to go on a Romantic Tour to Cartagena, Columbia?

cartagena sightsWhat is more, Cartagena is known as quite a romantic city. There is a beautiful beach, and many romantic restaurants in the old walled city. One is introduced to all the possible women available to spend time with. The country has endless opportunities to meet the right woman to marry. These women are a special kind of female that will leave one asking which one he likes best.

Also, while there in Cartagena, one can experience guided bus tours, casinos, deep sea fishing, boat trips, art museums, reef diving, beaches, intimate bars, horse drawn carriage rides, lively discotheques, cafes with live entertainment and unique shopping. Know that the tour is planned to let one meet as many women that he can while on the tour. The staff is at one’s beck and call, so do not hesitate to go to the office across from the hotel, and the hospitality room is in the hotel where one will stay for the tour which will last 11 days.

Indeed, Cartagena is of the most spectacular cities in South America. It is also a major tourist destination for people in Columbia and other countries close by. This city is a magical experience to behold, but not anything compared to what one will find in exploration of the fantastic women who are waiting for love. These native women are genuine creatures that are not just pretty on the outside, but just as awesome on the inside.

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What to expect during the romance tour to Cartagena, Columbia?

Having said all that, the “Latin Romance Trip” gives one a marvelous time. It provides the 2 socials that are fully catered, hotel accommodations in Cartagena, daily breakfast, airport pickup, 1 month platinum membership, unlimited personal introductions, 24 hour hospitality and guidance from the staff, complimentary interpreting services in-house and at all socials, and a PDF “Foreign Bride 101,” that men need to read prior to going out. It will be very helpful to know this information.

Cartagena, Colombia has an average temperature of about 86 degrees from December to March. This dreamland can be found in northwest South America on the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. It features some of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world. There is always a slight, lukewarm breeze that cools the heat down to make it like a paradise. Go find a woman!

In conclusion, below are some of the benefits of participating on a Cartagena marriage trip:

  • This wonderful city provides flexibility in choosing the type of stay and entertainment you want to have. The requirements and agreements can readily be altered to meet changing needs.
  • The city marriage tours offer expanded resources such as airport pickup, hotel accomondations, fully catered socials, in-house complimentary meals, personal introductions with single attractive women profiled on the service and much else associated with a safe travel.

Video: Cartagena / Colombian bride Tour

…I am writing to tell you what a wonderful time I had on my recent tour to Cartagena, Columbia. First of all this is not my first time with AFA, I went with you two times to St. Petersburg, Russia. I must admit I was very apprehensive about going to Columbia. However, I found it to be very safe and the people very friendly… Tom T.

… I am writing to tell how much I enjoyed my AFA Cartagena tour — thank AFA so much for making it such a wonderful experience! AFA staff were helpful in every possible way — meeting us at breakfast every morning, organizing the great socials, and arranging introductions and dates with the lovely ladies. I hope to return to Cartagena again soon… Steve O.

… I have been on many singles tours, but AFA has the best of all. I meet more quality women on one tour then I did on six of your competitor’s tours. I only wish I had joined you first. I no longer need to go on anymore tours, I found the woman of my dreams… Steve K.

… My stay in Colombia was one of my best travel experiances I’ve had, everyone was just great and very helpful. I am especially greatful for all the help I recieved from my translator Amalia Solano, she went out of her way to help with everything to assure all angles were covered, and that my colombia experiance was special, shes a great ambassadr for the AFA agency, and Columbia. George L.

Why to choose a romance tour?

2015 Cartagena tour schedule

cartagena tour schedule

Romance trip to Cartagena, Columbia includes following services:

  • Airport Pickup & hotel accommodations in Cartagena
  • Hospitality as well as guidance from American and foreign staff
  • Personal introductions to 1,000’s of Columbian women who are part of the AFA catalog
  • Two catered and specially invited socials
  • Daily breakfast
  • Free interpreters at all socials
  • One hotel area and city orientation tour
  • Complimentary interpretation services, in hospitality room
  • One month Platinum Membership (a $95 value)
  • “Foreign Bride 101” A How To for Nice Guys by Bud Patterson (PDF Version, a $35 value)

Many more services are available to make your stay as comfortable and complete as possible. You leave the planning to us and we will leave the love to you. So come on the romance tour and take the journey of a life time. Find romance with a beautiful Columbian bride on the most fantastic place you will ever set foot on and let your love life be changed for the better, forever. Sign up today!

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